I, Jawanda M. Evans am an aspiring fashion designer out of Brockton, Ma. I was born in Boston, Ma but raised in the City of Champions, Brockton, Ma. As a young girl I've been fascinated with how fabrics could be transformed into a beautiful masterpieces. Around 11years old I was introduced to sewing by my parents who are also former fashion designers. They showcased their clothing brand, Eco Fashions in many fashion shows and featured their designs in two of their storefronts, for nearly 14 years in Brockton, Ma. While in High School, I bought my first Brother Sewing Machine and we are inseparable to this day.

Growing up in a Pentecostal Church, there were certain dress codes for women. One being, we weren't able to wear pants. I had trouble shopping for skirts because either the fit wasnt good for my shape  or the skirts were too short and not below the knee. So, I began converting all my pants into skirts.  I would make them with different inserts and colors that made each piece original and stand out. 

Sewing and designing became more than something that fascinated me, more than a hobby, it was and still is my outlet. It's a beautiful escape from all negativity. Converting pants into skirts made me confident enough to try making my own custom clothing. I always love to stand out, make a statement and have something on that no one else would have.  

I originally wanted to attend a high school with fashion design but it wasn't as big and talked about then as it is now. So instead, I shied away and put my dream on hold, went into the medical field and became a LPN. In 2013 I was injured on the job and was out for 6 months due to a back injury.  While being out of work, I wasn't looking forward to going back to doing the kind of work that could possibly cause me to reinjure myself. So, as nervous and scared as I was of failing, I did anyways. I started my own business.

I named my business Jems Bowtique. J E M standing for Jawanda Marie Evans and Bowtique because I first started off making Bowties. March of 2013 Jems Bowtique came into existence with the help of my youngest sister, in my two bedroom apartment in Bridgewater,  Ma making custom bowties. From that point I started getting orders from family and friends. Little by little things started to pick up. My clientele began to grow by word of mouth.  

In March 2015, Jems Bowtique moved to a office space on Belmont Street in Brockton, Ma where my custom pieces are for sale. Jems Bowtique designs have appeared in a few local fashion shows and plan to do so much more. Jems Bowtique is heading its first fashion show, June 2, 2018 called "Fashion Never Sleeps".

A night to be remembered!